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Peeved at my Puter
So.. *grrrrrrr*... my desktop machine.. is misbehaving.

Not drastically, mind you. No, only when I want to capture Digital Video. I've re-installed Video Studio, and its still happy. It seems one of the AVI->Mpeg programs I installed recently has undermined Video Studio. *Grrrr*

Come to think of it.. i've never reinstalled this machine before. Its been running Windows XP since, like, 2000 or something.

It just might be time to take the plunge and reformat the whole thing. :} As I also use this machine to work from home, i'd probably install the corporate version of Windows Server 2003, which will help out not only with work, but the whole stability thing.

Luckily, what I'm trying to do is grab audio from a video recording... so I hooked it up thru the mixer and i'm recording it on the laptop instead. Heh. I am *SO* inventive. *struts*

In other {somewhat related} news -- I've been having good luck with Open Office 1.1.1. I'm almost exclusively using that on the laptop... it has a few drawbacks, like doing labels has not been so easy for lack of using a document as a datasource. And if you want to copy/paste cells into a table, forget it! the order gets all screwed up. But otherwise, its been pretty good. Maybe another year or two, and it'll be there for me. Yay!

Updated: ... YAY! I finished the Audio CD for Hangyul's Violin Recital! *bounces*


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