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I had a very wierd dream last night. Or, a not-dream. I had almost forgotten about it, but then I read quietangeivoice's recent post and re-remembered.

I was lying in bed. Very tired. Glasses off. Lights out. Cats on the bed with me.

There was the sound of somebody walking in the hallway?
The light in the bathroom went on, and then off. Like, VERY fast.
Somebody opened the door to the computer room. Light went on. Some talking. It sounded like two people. Light went out.

I was aware of this. HEY. my SPACE is BEING INVADED. Was it burglars? Who the heck... ? had I locked the door?

I raised myself out of bed, and called out: "HELLO, WHO IS IT?"
... there was a fleeting thing like a presense withdrawing...

I am awake.
and the lights were not on.
and there was no sound there.

I reached over, grabbed my glasses, put them on, and waited.
My cats were in the room with me.. not scampering around like they would be if there was an intruder.
I traced back through the impressions I had gotten...

.... the "presense" in the other room felt like ME?

Very wierd. Felt very freaked out. Too scared to get out of bed, but I had to go pee, so I got up.. turned lights on. Nothing there. Chills going down my back. Chills going down my back right now as I write this.

Went back to sleep. No further incidents.

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My thoughts later on what might have been happening

One of them is, in my recovery work, i'm identifying certain patterns of mine, pretty powerful patterns, and surrendering them, making THE DECISION that no, i don't want those patterns in my life anymore. (surrender is totally different from "getting on the wagon". Its more like a quiet "knowingness"). Hence, i've got disassociated parts of myself that don't know what to do anymore.

The other is, i was reading a book on how to communicate with my cats.. about cats in general.. all true stuff, I intuitively know it.. and i had been opening my mind to receive my cat's mental projections to me. And then i realized.. when I had those "experiences", there was also a ... its like, a "warm humid" presense/aspect... which i realized: That's Whiskey's Essense! ...

It could very well be that I was receiving sense-memory and sense-perceptions of me going to the bathroom from her. Kinda confusing/jumbled, but feels accurate.

Hmm... reflections of yourself? What a fascinating concept. Weather it was from parts of your part that you've let go, or you cat (that's a weird sentence, isn't it?), it's interesting that you can pick up/ run into things like that. If not a little bit on the freaky side. It's an interesting thought though, being haunted by yourself...

Yah. pretty wierd.

Tonight, nothing funky happened. (I doublechecked that I locked all the doors this time. Normally, the doors are open to my house, i forget to lock them. The beauty of semi-small-town Iowa.)

Very interesting.....I had something similar happen shortly after I separated from my ex. He had moved across the country to live with his family, and I had returned to this house after spending a few weeks with my parents while he was still here.

One afternoon I was lying in bed taking a nap. I heard the front door open with a bang and heavy footsteps moving toward my bedroom. I could even hear my ex's angry voice yelling at me. I heard him enter the room and felt very strongly that he was standing over me. Finally I woke up, very shaken up.

I have decided that it was a manifestation of my own fears of him returning. I had reached a point where I knew that I had to get a divorce to keep myself from being miserable for the rest of my life, and I did NOT want to lose my newfound happiness and peace.

I think your theory about your experience being the result of the self-analysis that you have been doing lately makes a lot of sense. I believe that our minds have the ability to project things into the outer world, particularly when our brains are in a relaxed state.

Also, I hope you don't mind that I've added you to my friends list. I found you through your comments on quietangeivoice's LJ. You replied to one of my comments on her LJ a few weeks back. :)

Hey, welcome! I like people taking an interest in my life. :] Its like, growing a community. This is a good thing.

Hmm.. i remember another incident. This is like in 1998 or so.. I was taking a shower.. I had been going through old memories, reliving some of the stuff that happened regarding my dad.. when, all of a sudden, i felt his presense in the room. It was like, attacking me -- almost like psychic warfare. It wanted me to surrender, succumb, let it have its way with me. Buy into his bullshit. I yelled and screamed and fought it.. NEVER, I REJECT YOU. I cried. I knew i had made my decision. that presense went away. Never came back.

How creepy! I got shivers just reading your account. I'm glad you worked through it instead of set up camp in the living room with a shot gun and a bucket of holy water! Maybe you need to cut down on caffeine for a while and go to bed earlier for a few nights.

Being haunted by yourself would make a great short story, wouldn't it? Our hero first sees traces like that, hints of himself doing things, then finds physical evidence like dirty socks left in the living room that he doesn't remember leaving there but since it's him and he does that all the time. He's not sure if these clues are left by himself or the other self, so he slowly becomes a different, better kind of person than his old self in order to catch his own ghost dogging his footsteps.

When I'm really tired, all kinds of weird shit seems to happen to my 6th sense (Not that I'm psychic or anything, but you know, the one that knows who is there when someone walks into the room when you're not looking and the one that can tell if something is wrong with someone before they say anything). Once when I was up late at night, nursing the babies when they were just a few months old. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my sister Megan (who was living with us at the time to take care of the girls) come in the garage door and go right to the den. She had been in Council Bluffs for the weekend and I thought she had just come home early. I asked her how the trip went but she didn't answer so I thought maybe something bad had happened. I waited for her to come out for a while but she didn't so I got up and went and looked in the den. There was nobody there. I got the WORST case of the shivers. It was so real. I could feel her come in, knew it was her without a shadow of a doubt. I had to spend the rest of the night shift by myself worrying about my sanity.

No shit? You saw your sister? and felt TOTALLY real? and you were really tired?

Sounds *Exactly* like what happened to me.

Heh. If i was haunted by the ghost of Sunny past, .. man, that would be wierd. It would almost be like the ending part of "Fight Club".

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