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This is more directed at myself..
I've just gotten home. It was a long day at work.. long meeting.. and then some physical labor. Okay, i guess.
I'm sitting in the dining room. I've closed the door, the lights are out, I have a cup of hot choclate standing by.
Time to be still.

My next task is to create a mailing of some minutes of a meeting that happened in January. I really don't want to do it, but... Tuesday evenings before 7:00 is the time I had set aside for it. I think.. its a bit much. I've tried shifting it to Thursday evening, but by then, even with Wed evening to recharge, i'm too tired.

It used to be pretty easy to do this mailing. I would just type it up in an email, and mail it to everybody. But, there was a group conscience, and several parties are not represented at the monthly meetings (mostly because they cannot afford to get there), and so now: I type 'em up, I make photocopies, I print out labels, I stuff envelopes, and I mail them. And in an effort to save postage, i've been emailing them to the people I can. But now, with the envelopes going out, its a great opportunity to get some flyers distributed. So.. what do I do for the email people? So, last time, I scanned them in, formatted it all into a word document, etc etc.

I've made this too complicated for myself. I think the prudent thing to do is to print out the minutes, print out the mailing labels, go get the copies made, stuff the envelopes, mail them, and email WITHOUT the flyers to the people who've selected email, and if any of them want me to mail the the flyers, they can let me know, and then I'll do that. That saves me, what, the time to scan in something and put it into Word?

ah, feh. I'm spending more time thinking about it than doing it.

What I really want to do is work on the show. There's a couple of songs to add, a mailing list to set up.. Alice said she wouldn't even need to practise to do the song "You are my sunshine", since that's part of her repertoire already. She's the fiddler in the bands Local Honey and Porchstompers. Dennis is another person ive asked, he's willing to do some guitar work. Merve said yes on drums. Jamie said yes to singing the Beatles and Police songs. Phil said yes to meeting with me tomorrow and coming up with poetry to go between the songs to give a spiritual context to the whole thing {possibly}. ... yes, I'd really like to be doing that instead.

Okay. I'm now going to sip my choclate, and then get started.. for a nice 40 minute run.. of Minutes production.



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