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Before I loose my nerve...

So, like, if I'm ever going to get my butt over to an open mic, three things need to happen:

a) I need to find out when and where they are.
b) I need to go scope 'em out a couple times before I go play something
c) I need to figure out what i'm going to play. Or, get together with other folkses, and play something together.
d) I need help! friendly faces in the audience i can play to.

I could use help with any or all of the above.

-- what I'm aware of is an open mic at Bali Satay's on wednesday evenings. any others out there?
-- anybody want to go scope out some open mics with me?
-- anybody have a desire to get up on stage and perform something?

I'm starting asking here, 'cause i'm at home at 9:05am in the morning, and if I don't get the words out, it may be a while before I gather the courage to do it again. And in a roundabout way, i'm saying, "hey, this is something I want to do".


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Um, I think that every Sunday (any time) is open mike at the Boheme Bistro and Tuesday nights after 8pm at Cafe Beaudelaire.

So what do you want to do? Covers of other people's songs? If so: what songs? Would you prefer to write your own? Would you want it to be just you and your guitar? Or do you want company up there? Do you want to put a band together? If so, would it be a democratic band (everyone has creative input) or You and Your Backing Band (you have complete creative control)? Do you want to sing & play? Do you want to play and have someone else sing? It would be easier on yourself to decide what you want to do on stage first before you stress yourself out about being on stage.

After you decide what you want to do, set yourself a goal date playing at one of those open mic nights by, oh, say, October 1 or something, and then go for it!

*been contemplating this all day*

The thing I like about music is, the patterns present. Performing the patterns.. how they converge, diverge, etc.

I'm not about making my own music. at least, not in any quantity, and when I do, its a private thing, i don't really want to perform it. I am a cover-er and performer.

I wish my musical public experience to be a band, not solo.

I wish it to be a democratic band. I have no desire for it to have to mirror my tastes/wants, because i'm just not opinionated enough in that regard.

I wish to mostly play, and perhaps sing a little bit -- on songs that its easy for me to sing+play at the same time. Like Cream stuff.

What kind of music: Led Zep, Floyd, Cream, Guess Who. Bob Marley. Michael Jackson. Tom Petty. Cars. Dave Matthews. Vivid Color. Metallica. Yes.. definitely most definitely Yes (older stuff). Supertramp if there's a good singer, don't want to butcher the songs. Beatles. Doors. Cure. Chili Peppers. some more than others, any of these are fair game for me.

If there was one song I'd want to do: ooh, that's hard. there's so many. Yes:A Venture. Cream:Sunshine of my Life. ???:HouseOfRisingSun. Beatles:DeadTripper(?).

Come to think of it, I liked just about EVERY song in School of Rock. Totally agreed with his assesment of the 'tunes he handed out for homework. I LOVE that movie.

So.. if its possible to round up a democratic, funky rockin' retro band, with a person who LIKES to sing.. yeah, that would most definitely work. Heck, it would be EASY. In company like that, i'll perform anywhere.

... so, my next thing is to start frequenting open mic nights. *grins* that's not too hard, other than the staying up late part. Any other suggestions of things I could do?

Knowing what you want to do is half the battle! Now it's just details.

So go to a few open mic nights. Check out the competition. What are the things that the people do on stage that is good and makes you feel like you're a part of something great? What do they do that make you want to slap your forehead with embarassment on their behalf? Take notes on what to do and what not to do.

In the meantime, make up a flyer saying "Guitarist seeking band". List your influences, a hint of who you are and what you want to do. Post it at music stores and other places that people you'd want to be in a band with would hang out. Also, look around for music message boards and such for the area. Place ads and answer other people's ads. There are a ton of people out there who play instruments who have given up music that need a little nudge out the door. There are more people out there who would like to be in a really good cover band than write their own stuff.

Just wanted to say.. Thank You!. You've given me a concrete set of things to turn my dream into a reality. That takes so much of the fear and uncertainity out of the picture. And for that.. Thank you.


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