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Reporting in from Chatham, IL
Three little monkees.. Dilair, Shyam, Arjun are hanging out with me here.. visiting some fam. Its nice out here. Dilair is showing me how to scroll the screen with the mouse wheel, he's 5. *grins*. Been a good trip.

Ran into Chris Eck.. well, okay, I called him up... he hung out with me in Iowa City. got pics, but will have to wait till I get back to post 'em.

Was shocked to find out that you have to pay for wireless internet access in Iowa City cafe's. Yikes! Ames has it so spoiled.

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yep, x24 eck. He and colleen are doing fab.. just had their 10 year renewal of vows thing. He's massively into video editing, making movies, continues to work at the daycare, etc.

Tell 'em "hey ya" for me soon.

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