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very very very VERY glad i'm me.
me = goofy doofy wumpus grumpus.
my life = yummy dummy oingo boingo.
oh yah. kittens cute cute furry fuzzy whisker tisker blunkies.

tomorrow big day. Toozday. Toozday good. early wakey. offee? ojafee? happy bouncy. bills, money, quicken, CLEAN, know where i am. Machinery of life smooth, hummm..

and veggie hearty lentil soup. lunch wezday.

yah. you read, you invited. lunch wezday at sunny's. 'kay?

i lub Lizard-breath. she and warren happy happy? (fbofw)

(its not that I can't speak in full sentences. I'm just enjoying the effect of turning that part of my brain off and seeing what comes out. Its like I regress to age 3 or something or mostly talk in emotions rather than logic)

okay. me go bye now. lub you wery much. You funny giggles. *hee hee*


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