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There's something a little wierd going on. I'm going to accept it as a normal change.. its a bit wierd.

Start off with this morning. I woke up... and... did I stagger into the kitchen, half dead, yearning for a cup of coffee? No I didn't!. Instead, i very calmly looked at the coffee beans, and they disgusted me, and I poured myself a glass of OJ instead.

Next. Did I stay inside the house in my usual spot drinking my would-have-been-coffee? No. I went outside, sat on a deck chair, and watched the trees swaying in the wind, and listened to the birdies and the rustles and all that good stuff, just soaking it in.

Further. Did I enjoy my black pepper beef at CoCost for lunch today? No. The moment the beef touched my mouth, my insides said, very strongly, I do not want this. So i settled for the gravy and some of a friend's chicken instead.

And then. At the company BBQ tonight, this wonderful beautiful cheeseburger adorning my plate, fixed just right, did I enjoy it? No. Once again, the beef totally yucked out.

And now.. its 9-something.. am I agonizing over what else I can do today before i go to sleep? No. I'm in bed already, tired, and wanting a good night's sleep before tomorrow.

So.. this is interesting. Its not like i'm forcing the changes, more like, if I listen, its natural.
Not going to make any promises, though. Coffee and Beef are still definitely on the menu, but only if my body wants 'em.

PS: if you've read Ekhart Tolle and other New Agey stuff -- i'm willing to go along with, the Universe / Sun sent a pulse of Healing / Change thru the world today. As a result, many people had awakenings ... if they were ready. And with those awakenings of higher selves, a lot of pain bodies started to get expelled. Which is why everybody fell sick for a bit. At this point, such people are on the brink of choice: either accept and go with the new way of being (whatever that is, very individual experience), or restart the old cycle till the next opportune alignment of healing and willingness.

In my case, my mind and body got cleansed of something (yes it did!), and in doing so, now resonates better with higher orders of food. Fruit and Veggies never tasted so good! ... chicken is okay, and beef is downright... dead. Something about the size of the animal being too big or something. Watermelon, OTOH, is divine. I have no opinion on Llamas.

So, yeah.. i'm also willing to go along with much more mundane explanations. :]

In other news, the final cat fence pieces arrived. And I wrote to the company, letting them know that I received more product than I ordered, and I was curious as to their disposition. This way, i don't have to keep looking over my shoulder, ready to say, "BUT YOU SENT IT TO ME!".

Also, close call -- the utilities marked their stuff. I missed the electrical line by like, 2 inches or something. Or, i would have hit it, but luckily didn't go deep enough. (Yikes). Siju has said he'll help this Saturday, and I think Steve and Stu might be available too. *eager with anticipation*


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