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cat and water
I had just drawn some water for a bath.. i shut off the faucet, and temporarily started doing something else.

Along came Ms. Samantha, feline, female, nosy.
She's pretty used to drinking the leftover water in the tub.
She perches on the side of the tub, and reaches her two front paws down.

I could see her expression of horror as she realized.. OH MY GOD ITS ALL WET DOWN THERE!

but by then it was too late. her body weight was shifted forward. Rear claws came out, her tail lashed out in a desperate attempt to prevent disaster..
and of course, its a tub. Nothing for the claws to hang on to.

Slowly.. it seemed like forever.. her entire rear section slid to the right.. and down the tub.. at one point, three paws were in the tub, and one rear paw was on the side of the tub. I never thought i'd know what terror looked like on a cat, but I think now i've seen it.

She jumped out, paused, and then randomly attacked everything in sight, to show that she meant to do that and that she was a fierce warrior.

I laughed my ass off.

She's currently on the rocking chair, cleaning her paws and her pride.


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