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Local Honey

I'm sitting at the Stomping Grounds (a coffee house), listening to my friend Alice sing a song. Her band, Local Honey, is playing here tonight.
Alice is so beautiful, bright.. bouncy.. opinionated.. and a good honest friend. And seeing her play.. {fiddle}.. music is in her blood, and it shows.

There are many people here, and i feel like an outsider. I don't hang out in coffee shops much, and here, everybody seems to know each other.. i guess, its their crowd. If I had the guts, i'd go over to the table where the other bandmembers are sitting at (i know them as well), but .. right now I feel totally scared. Like, I'm not worth being in their presense. Like, the only reason i'd be hanging out with them is because I feel out-of-place and I want to be near familiar people, but that would be WEAK and NEEDY and must therefore be avoided at all costs. I mean, i could leave at any moment, right?

More and more people are showing up. I'm feeling increasingly out of place, and the urge to run away is growing stronger.

There is another person here -- he too is on a laptop, doing some kind of blog/forum thing. Maybe the reality is, i'm not so God Awful Wierd.

The other bandmembers probably thing I *want* to be alone -- that's what my outsides are saying right now.

True to form, being uncomfortable, i hid behind a camera for a bit. I took 2-3 pictures. None of them particularly good -- lighting isn't great, and my camera doesn't do well without decent lighting.. the flash distance is too small, i don't like using the flash anyway because it interrupts.

So, what good is there to focus on?

The music, for one.
The nice people.. happy souls.. filling this place.
The happy banter of my friend on stage, with her fellow musicians.

Why is everybody else here?
Some are families, gatherings of people who know each other.
Some are here exclusively to listen to the band. There's a REALLY cute girl sitting by herself across the way there. All the wrong reasons to want to talk to her, so let it go. Oh wait, I know her! Its Collette, Alice's roommate-to-be who works at Wheatsfield.
Some are here to work on projects. That was me earlier -- i was researching Beef Crockpot recipe's. There's a lady doing some kind of Thank You cards.. she has a little baby with her. Bless her, bless her family, may good fortune shine on them all. I think she just got married or something.
One semi-angry soul.. wandering around in his frustration, trying to find an appropriate menu item. Please, may his heart find peace.

Okay. good enough. I found enough positive vibes to overcome my akwardness. I'm packing up here, going to go sit near the other people, then go home.


I ended up walking up to them.. and kinda gestured at a seat near them.. and they were like, BIG SMILES happy to see me! .. and I sat with them for a while, and my tension drained away, and i even started to dance in my chair a bit.. and Willa and I giggled and laughed about something or the other.. and Collette and I got re-introduced.. and I got to do my Cookie monster impersonation..

and I got to listen to some really great music. (And take lots of pictures too).
I'm so glad I took the chance to be social. I may never have known that it was just crap in my head, not reality. *grins* ... again.

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I've found that the only people who would pay enough attention to someone sitting by themselves being uncomfortable and make fun of said person are being total jerks in order to cover up their own discomfort and should be avoided, anyway. Other than that, everyone else in the room is doing their own thing, probably fighting their own "out in public" stress as well, and wouldn't ever notice anything more than "oh, guy over there on a laptop. I wish I had a laptop. If I had a laptop, I'd...."

Having friends is good and making an effort to be a friend is always more rewarding than sitting and waiting for someone else to come and make an effort to be your friend. It was good to face your fears and go talk to those people!

Alice has got all kinds of great things going on, hasn't she? I've heard Local Honey before and I was really impressed by their skills.

Where is Stomping Grounds located?

*grin* always nice to hear some of the thoughts from other people's heads.

Stomping Grounds is .. on Welch, south of where the McDonalds used to be. its like, the last "commercial" building on the right hand side as you leave campustown proper driving towards the towers. They recently enlarged it, now there's more seating on the inside than the outside, plus a stage. And the coolest people work there too.

Yeah, Alice is pretty awesome. She's constantly urging me to do some open mic stuff at Bali Satay's... to get me out in public. And she makes a mean pie.

I used to practise with the Porchstompers a while back, when I was starting to get used to my guitar again... however, i found myself drowning out/distracting ...Lori? {she's moved away since, before Rick joined the stompers}, so I stopped doing that. Too many guitarists, and its hard to tell if the one who actually goes on stage is getting her stuff right.

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