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How long has this been?
I haven't updated LiveJournal in a very very long time.

Does anybody even read this anymore?  It used to be friends ..  I guess facebook has gotten most of the traffic in the last 5 years or so.  Also, being married, i now have a person to talk to rather than the interwebs as my emotional support.

I still need to keep this around, as a place to put stuff that, well, only a few would want to read, but is deep and important for me, but not professional worth ie doesn't go on my regular blog (

If you do watch this, and see this, please drop me a comment so i can say Hi. :)

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(Deleted comment)

is it "unscreen" ?

I've totally forgotten my terminology for LJ. I think "unscreen" means "show the comments to the publics".

Hi Jenn! yes i do remember you.

I still read but don't post.

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