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9:32am at a La Quinta Inn in Germantown, just outside of Memphis TN.

I’m sitting on the floor next to the window, whose blinds are mostly pulled down.. the teenager has half an hour more he can sleep.. but I can see the sun peeking through the bottom of the blinds, and I feel warm.

The inspiration of this post was the feeling of ZOMG! There’s NOTHING I need to do!   … for the first time in, well, what the heck have I been doing?

  • Friday Night: Driving to Memphis.   Last night, from 7:30pm to 1:30am.  For a soccer tournament.  U19.
  • Before that:  7 nights or so: Working every night on the 2012 SOHS Soccer Banquet Video.   I rendered the .final version (.final = will be presented, unless something better happens) on Thursday night.   There are things I had to cut.. the hurricane flag waving, the interviews with the parents.. there’s a few edits I might go in and make when I get back home, but its DONE enough.
  • Before that:  Working on wedding video – to get my workflow figured out.. color correction, sizing, multi-cam setup, audio scrubbing, etc.    Not finished; awaiting my attention in the near future; but the hard part is over.
  • Before that:  “Vacation” (not) to Iowa – to go shoot the wedding, and to hang out with as many people as I could grab and love on.
  • Before that:  Stressing about work, transitioning into a team.   Glad to say, we are teaming with teaminess now.   We decided to do admin stuff in Round Robin form .. so now Person #2 is going to show Person #3 some of the admin stuff that I used to take care of, and my job is to stay out of it now, till it comes back to me.
  • Before that: I don’t even remember.     There’s some Water Heater stuff in there, I think.

So I have 20 more minutes of relative down time now.. and then some soccer to watch.. and then sit back and do nothing (?!) .. and then more soccer.. and then nothing (or maybe the parents will decide to conglomerate for dinner and I’ll have a margarita, but Donna Hulsman is not in this group, so I don’t think there will be any peer pressure)… and some more nothing tomorrow, and some soccer, and a drive.

Perfect.   Electronics off / time to sit in the sun / peeking under the blinds / playing on the floor / it knows more.


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