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Aftermath of Elections

Watching the coverage after the wining declaration, before the speeches.   Those on Facebook would have seen my flip-flopping – actually, I had started out on the Democrat side, but because I married into a Republican family, and I really like some of the ideas of limited government, I forced myself to investigate, soak up, digest, get sick, and puke, on information. 

Here’s the perspective I ended up with.

  The Worst He Could Be The Best He Could Be What I felt He Was
Romney (blogs) Ruthless; detached; people are pawns unless you’re in his inner circle; a faithful follower of whichever group he was representing, no beliefs of his own “The Real Romney” -- Loving, compassionate, honestly cares about people, very smart, can get the economy going. A representative of powers that would love to rip the country apart even more, because they will get rich as a result. 
Obama “Amateur” => delusions of Grandeur; overwhelmed; enjoying being rich for once; controlled by his wife; will do anything to look good “Showdown” – very smart, holding his cards close, influencing the right people, make the right deal to get the most that can be gotten in a hostile climate Trying to do the right thing;  fairness and equality for all; least budget spent since FDR?  Representing my opinion that tax cuts for the rich does not improve the economy.  #zombie idea


So, I voted, and my state went to Romney anyway; but that’s okay.    If Romney had won, I would have hoped he was closer to column #2, than to column #1.

Probably the biggest turn-off I had about Romney was in reading what I *thought* was a pro-Romney book.  (Maybe it wasn’t?)  When it got to the kind of work he did at Bain Capital – it became pretty obvious to me – he doesn’t know how to build businesses.   He knows how to exploit the weak ones via control and extract profit from them.  Maybe the democrats did a spin job on me… maybe not. 

If I were to go conspiracy theory,  I would propose that the same folks Bush are the same folks behind Romney .. and that the war in Iraq was planned, not a result of 9/11.   I might even go down the #truther road, but therein lies some madness.. but yeah, I think there are folks out there who are ruthless enough that they would do something like that.   And I do not want them in positions of power.  (Note: if these folks do exist, and Obama is their enemy, then either some scandal will occur like it did for Clinton, or something more like JFK will happen.)  #IHopeImWrong

But, conspiracy theories are bad for me.  My mind gets stuck in them.. a cycle of neurological triggers, there was an xkcd comic on it

How the heck do I reconcile “Appropriate Government” with Obama?   What do I think is the right role of government? 

  Fed Govt Yes I don’t know Fed Govt No
Infrastructure – roads, train lines, phone networks, etc When there is not an economic incentive for a single company to build, then yes.  Example: interstates    
Education   There probably is a better role.  Don’t lay down testing standards – and $ based on testing. #NoChildLeftBehindFail
Healthcare Very basic health care available with bad service.  #cheap #lines #waiting Compare other countries to us – why we so costly? Still want private healthcare available
Food stamps Probably has to be federal because places hit hard don’t have the funds? I haven’t been on them. Less than current budget, I would hope?
Military Hell Yes.  #smarter    
Hell Yes, Promote (via states?)    
Gun Control There is some level at which building a personal army should be discouraged    
Illegal substances Legalize, or give to states to legalize   Waste of $ to try to fight; use economics instead, like alcohol.
Church Spiritual acceptable   Religious No
Energy Yes. Energy Sources causes wars. #care  

I haven’t spent a lot of time on this list, but that’s my feel so far.      Maybe it is better represented as “too much”, and “too little” .. I’ll try that sometime.

And now my brain is blank, and I can sleep.