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Happy Birthday To Me! 2012

In this year, I’ve switched my main blogging place to geekygulati.wordpress.com, as I’ve wanted to focus on my more technical side as well as build up a history of “here is who I am (hire me)” for the future.  But when it comes to my philosophical posts.. I have so much history here on LiveJournal, I may as well continue that vein of thoughts here.

Biggest changes I’ve noticed this year:

  • I now admit that I am probably half-way through my life, or more.   This means I probably have 3 more houses that I’ll live in, maybe 5 or 6 cars. 
  • I can see my body being more and more eager to not-function than to regenerate.   Nothing bad.   Just, more aware of it.   I can see how I have to take extra care now with all my parts.  Use it or Lose It?   I’m talking about you, Molar #5! (j/k)

What can I change about this year?  (this is effectively my “New Year’s Eve”)

  • I know I MUST get back to working out.   This requires slowing down life enough to make the space for it.   It has to be in the evening.    Please please please I want to get to twice a week.. yoga and running, perhaps.
  • I feel bad that I don’t call people.  Maybe I can start small.  Like, posting on people’s walls for their birthdays on facebook. Smile
  • I have two dogs with limited lifespans left.. and a cat, same situation.  There are a limited number of walks I can take the critters out on.    It might be time to do it.   This works well with working out.

Big Changes coming this year

  • Looming: Quinn turns 18, and possibly graduates High school.     This will probably bring some changes.
  • The rest is in God’s hands.  I don’t know what’s coming.   But I know I’ll be given the guidance I need to navigate it.

That’s about it.  Thank you all you beautiful people for your love of me and mine…