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Nook vs Kindle
Ever since I read Scott Hanselman's praises of a Kindle, I've wanted one.

However, my wife is a Nook Girl. She wants me to buy a nook so that Barnes and Nobles won't go out of business, so that she can have a place to go when .. that need arises.

So, I have to honestly compare them. No matter how much of a screaming fan girl believer of pontificous pontifications dreamy star struck hanslefan impulse buyer I am, i must give the illusion of honestly investigate the Nook. And so.. here goes.


Here's what I'm interested in for my new device:

b) E-ink display - to read technical books on.

Nowhere in here have I been able to fit in "why do I want a Kindle with a Keyboard". Reading up about it ( it turns out that the Kindle 3 is the only one with a keyboard.. The fourth generation (Available for free with my summit gift card!) does a better job of multiple file formats, but I would loose the keyboard. More discussion here. I guess I can let go of the keyboard. And I can always get a keyboard for my iPad.

The current Kindle does NOT have an SD-card - only the original had that.

So.. the reason(s) I would go for a Nook is:

a) My woman will like me more (this is important, y'all) (j/k, she thinks I'm cute)
b) I could just head over to B&N and read an entire technical book for free.
c) Could put an SD card with stuff into the nook.
d) possibly rooting the nook to make an e-ink tablet.

Dang. i am so undecided.


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