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CodePaLousa 2012 Review Part 1
This last weekend, I attended CodePaLousa. At the end of it, it seemed IMPERATIVE that I write down some kind of a post so I could straighten all the information flashing through my head. Today, 3 days after.. it doesn't seem as important. Yet.. i'm sure it was important.. so I'll try.

Thursday Session #1: Functional Testing@aJimHomes
Selenium, Webdriver
Setting up repeatable data for tests at this level

My take away
I knew more than I thought i did.
Page objects pattern -

Session #2:
I split this between OData (meh, i knew this already) and TDD Kata (meh, knew this already).

Keynote #1: "The Next Generation of Dinosaurs" @BillyHollis
Cobol & Mainframe guys were very good in their ecosystem - small ram, linear thinking. (Fortran Equivalences = perfect for then). Then the ecosystem changed.
Currently, we are in an ecosystem. Its probably changing. Are we dinosaurs?
Barriers to entry in current market are unsustainable - if "to do it right" == "TDD" + "SOA" + blah + bleh +yarborough.

My take away
Yeah, i need to get familiar with programming in the google world.. writing gadgets, things like that .. without all the layers of .net architecture around me.
Things need to be simple and usable now to succeed.
Mobile is probably the meterorite that's taking out my ecosystem.

Friday Session 1: Best Practises for a Team of One @mjeaton
It was mostly aimed at single developers in a company - not my situation. We already do source control, bug tracking, etc.

But I did get:
Heard about Campfire for the first time here.
There is a Kalamazoo X Conference which deals with "Soft" (people) skills.
Business Driven Design (Given-When-Then) ways of representing requirements.
Tracking tasks: Moleskine, RTM, Hiveminder, AgileZen. OTHER than in your head.
Tracking Time: Harvest, Timesnapper, Pomodoros (all that I knew)

Session 2: Slicing Backlog Items Dr. Timothy Korson

I wish I could find the slidedeck for this!

What I scribbled down:
Sizing = 6-7 in a sprint
Vertical slices = a little at every level of architecture
Sunny day scenario first; what are the prerequisites for a sunny day scenario; each of those prerequisites = variability point.
User Role Options
Action Options
Object Options
Business Rule Options
Interface Options
Quality Attributes
Book: "Lean Architecture on Agile Systems" Jim Koplien
Sprint 0 = timeboxed architecture dive (too much vs too little)

Session 3: Developers Can't Design

This one left me feeling empty. It stated "things exist" -- but gave me nothing to sink my teeth into easily. So I wrote the presenter an email. More later if that pans out.
I exited quickly and caught up with another session, a guy I sat with at lunch:

Session 3.5: Intro to RavenDB @ReverentGeek

Chock full of fun knowledge, the Q&A caught me up on what I needed to know. Will definitely consider this in the future.

Session 4: Ruby's Object Model & Metaprogramming @superninjarobot

This was very deep - it went into the stuff that makes Ruby on Rails work (the method_missing stuff)
I had fun with it, it reminded me of LPMud's, and the fun stuff one did with /std/object instead of /std/object#43.
I couldn't find any links, but might work

Session 5: CoffeeScript @dmohl

This was cute and fun and enjoyable. I don't know that I would ever use it.. unless i was writing objects in javascript, i would check it out.

Summary of first two days
My world didn't shatter and change yet.. that was to come on the third day. Its getting late, so I'm going to post this as it is now.. will do another post for the last day.


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