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Xplane 10

I have really been enjoying flying around in xplane 10.

Last night I flew from Des Moines to Louisville in a personal jet at 5000 ft using mostly VOR. At night. Beautiful lights. Landing was amazing. Although in reality, probably fatal.

Eh that's easy to correct... Just being impatient with the landings, not bleeding enough speed.

I hooked up my iPad as an "EFIS" app.. Used it to control the NAV radios and stuff. The computer monitor was mostly mouse looking out the windows.

There are a few things I want to do:

Take what would have been a 2 to 6 hr road trip and do it in a Cessna instead. Just to get a feel of how much faster it isn't. Like to Evansville or Columbus or Morgantown.

Take a 18 hr road trip in a personal jet. To see how awesome that is.

Do a totally IFR ATC guided flight. In bad weather.

Fly over my house. Done and done!

Fly VFR dead reckoning to somewhere I know. Like maybe Cincinnati.

Figure out how to use the damned Navaids.

Not crash a helicopter.

Yep, I have a list.

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