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Working Hard

I'm sitting at Panera waiting for a friend to show, reflecting on the last few weeks of work.

It feels like some of the hardest work I have done in a long time.

Yet, having achieved a milestone, it's also some of the most fulfilling work I have done in a long time.

I think the difference was the kind of pain. In the past with other organizations, what I faced was unrealistic expectations and context switching. Here there was just work, aiming to a goal.

Granted there are things to improve.

Principle 1: Integrate early, preferably without context switches

Principle 2: if A depends on B, stagger A to start only after B is halfway stable, + principle 1. OR, code A to a mock interface of B until B is halfway stable.

Principle 3: each integration point WILL take time and can be burned down.

Oo my friend is here. Posting.

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