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Brain (& Life) Reboot
I am in the middle of my brain reboot.  It goes something like this: 

a) stay up really really late watching movies while my brain slows down and stops
b) sleep
c) wake up
d) start life over.  

I've been running with my head down lately .. trying to keep a handle on work stuff, handling my part of a bunch of things at home.   Haven't really popped my head up to see what's important, make real decisions, be excited about life. 

But, today is the start of a 4-day weekend.  While its true that its chock full of christmas stuff.. is it really christmas?  feels like its the beginning of november .. its also a "slow the heck down and remember" moment. 

What's important? 

1. Running doesn't feel very important right now.  Its probably more important that I get back on the wagon with checking blood sugars and eating healthy.   Day after Christmas, I think.. not waiting for the new year. 

2. I need to finish off this project for work.   Its my first project at a new company, and its mostly cajoled into submission.   As such, i'll be going in to work tomorrow to work on it.. jump start for next week. 

3. There are some personal projects i'd like to be excited about working on.. 
- moving my basement desk around so that i get more room and can do a wallmount for one of my monitors. 
- taking some video off a VCR onto DVD's for archival purposes

4. Running does show up, but only because i have a race on Jan 1st that I signed up for.  I need to get to the gym 3 more times before new years - and try to run 5,7, and 9 miles respectively.   

5. I need to get back to a normal schedule of going to recovery meetings.  

6. And I am going to continue enjoying the company of my beautiful wife.   That's one thing I had NOT let go of, and I intend to continue to hang on to this one. 

Here's to a better tomorrow.. starting my life over, tomorrow. 

Good night! 



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