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Sunday Night Routine

I really enjoy my Sunday evening routine. It starts off with me leaving the house at about 645 and heading out towards the Beuchel area. There I stop at a Marathon gas station which usually has good prices and I also get a 16 ounce cup of decaf coffee. Then I head over about 3 blocks to the 730 Al-Anon meeting.

I don't know what it is but I really like this meeting. it reminds me of meetings back in Ames. It's simple common sense heartfelt folk and they like me too. I dare say it is probably my new home group.

Just before the meeting starts I head next door to the AA meeting and find one of my buddies there Gary and give him a big hug. He's a crotchety 65+ year old veteran who openly admits to being a doofus and I have known him since I moved to Louisville.

The meeting gets over at 8:30 and then I head out to the parking lot to make my phone calls. I call my mother and now also my brother. I don't use a phone very well for keeping in touch so by creating a routine it helps me.

Then I set back home for the 30 minute drive usually with loud music blaring. Lately it's been 80s music thanks to my friends on Spotify.

If this post looks weird it's because I dictated most of it using my phone.

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