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Mudding, Dwarf Fortress, and more

It might be time to ressurect the slumbering beast within.

My self directed project at work is going well, almost done. For my next project.. Im thinking about revisiting my passion from the mid 1990's.

LPMud meets C#.

There are others who have done this, but not quite what I was thinking. I specifically want to go for the in-game clone, edit, destroy experience.. editing code while in the game. For a client id use a web browser browsing to the mud. And i want to use appdomains for loading and unloading realms... persistence through serialization..

and the other part of me wants to visit a multiplayer of something like Dwarf Fortress. or Nethack.

I guess i need to go in small 3 hour chunks a week.. I give myself permission to play.

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