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Up Next in Running
Ok, now that I've proved to myself that one half marathon was not a fluke, and that i could survive a second half marathon without extensively training for it (albeit, my quads will tell you:  Its better If you Train.  Hurts less) .. i get to decide what I'm going to do next. 

a) I don't have a need to prove something - no crazy goals. 
b) I'm not yet in a position to travel much - confine to local
c) I do want to stay "fit", and I want to preserve my ability to run relatively good distances (8-13 miles sounds good, 6 sounds too easy)

So, i'm going to sign up for some races, maybe one a month or every other month, and try to make them relatively longer ones. 
For "training" (or staying in form), i'm going to try to do a 2-hour run at least every other week, but not much more than that.   I am NOT trying to improve my time, although if that does happen due to 100ups, that would be ubercool. 

Here are some of the candidates (research!)

11/19 OC Parks Turkey Trotter 8k  (LaGrange, KY)
12/10 Reindeer Romp 5k (Cherokee Park)
12/10 Santa Hustle Smokies 13.1mi (Sevierville, TN)   (must dress up like Santa!)
1/1 Hangover Classic 10mi (Downtown) 
1/7 Frostbite 5k (Cherokee Park)
2/4 Snowman Shuffle 4mi (Cherokee Park) 
3/3 Anthem 5k (Downtown) [TRIPLE CROWN]
3/17 Rodes City Run 10k (Downtown) [TRIPLE CROWN]
3/31 Papa John's 10 miler (Louisville) [TRIPLE CROWN]
3/31 Run The Bluegrass 13.1mi (Lexington, KY) 
4/28 Derby Festival Mini 13.1mi (Downtown) 

There are several more shorter races in the 5k and under category, however, i've left them out as they don't do much for keeping my distance in shape. Unless, maybe, if I run them twice? :] now that's just crazytalk. 


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