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What next?

The Fun thing about trying to write something on my iPhone is I have to really think about what I'm going to say. (in this case I'm using dictation to write most of this post).

Today I finished running my second half marathon. the question is what am I going to do next.

One thought is I want to see all the states in United States so I could run some kind of race in each state. if I did two states a year I would be done by the time I am 66.

However that will take some planning and time and money.

If I stick to local races there are at least four over the winter and then the standard big four next spring.

Or I could say screw it and not to do anything until spring at all. It takes a lot of time and willpower to do the weekly training involved and part of me is tired of it. And I absolutely hate cold.

Maybe instead I could just look like a dork and try to do the 100 up exercise that Chris McDougal is posting on the internets these days. And maybe swim at the Y in their heated swimming pool right next to their hot sauna.

I don't know the answers today. I'll give myself until next weekend to figure it out.

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