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Preparing for half marathon

This Saturday I'll be running in a half marathon. However, due to work pressure and a large change in eating habits, I have done almost nothing to prepare for it.

The nutrition change, while possibly overboard, was: drastically reduce carbs (<30 per meal) and go vegetarian. Has to do with blood sugar numbers etc. result: loss of energy and massive grumpiness as I got used to it.

Today, I decided to do a test run to see if it's even possible for me to do the full 13.1 in 4 days. I made it about 8 miles in almost 2 hours. My sorest part: hips, followed by the bottoms of my feet. Not too bad though. I think I can do it.

My toolset this time is a bit different. First I now have an iPhone. I am using iWorkout to run the music... All songs tweaked to about 170bpm. I have my blood sugar measuring thing strapped to my belt. I am no longer preloading with a gel pack, instead saving those for emergencies (don't know what that would be yet).

I still have a Bluetooth stereo headset, but... I think it's ugly, and I have birthday money, so I'll probably get a Motorola S9 Rockr. If I can find one at bestbuy.

I am so glad that I can still run. From a PWD pov my bs comes down to 70 and then stays there... Which is awesome! I can LIVE with that. Thank you god.

In other news it might be that I've been too hard on myself. I have been trying to prevent my bs from going over 140 due to glucose toxicity... But further research is showing that the guideline is TWO HOURS post pandrial. After eating. Don't go crazy here but MAYbE I can start eating 6inch veggie max sandwiches from subway again. That would be awesome.

Heres to goofy little me. I rock.

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