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RAGBRAI 2011 - Busrides and Tornadoes
We chartered with Pork Belly Ventures.. and one of the services I bought was transport of myself, and my bicycle, from Davenport IA (the ending town) to Glenwood, IA (the starting town).

The Logistics:
a. Get Sharpie and Tag. Put Name on Tag. Put Tag on Bike. Give Bike to guy. He puts it up in a truck (suspended between a hook on the ceiling and bungee to a hook on the floor).
b. Pre-assigned a bus number. Mine was #4. Put bags into bus luggage compartment. Get on the 4th bus in the line.
c. Enjoy5 hour bus ride with Lunch Stop, Video, Bathroom, and Electrical outlets, And Air Conditioning.
Movie #1: Breaking Away.
Movie #2: Twister!

The Twister:
In the middle of twister, the bus slowed down. Waaaay down. We were in stop and go traffic for probably 30-40 minutes.

[Video] (I wish I could embed video on Livejournal, but i don't know how.)

I was able to catch the reason why:

There were no cows, however.

Arrival in Glenwood:
a. Drag bags over to some spot.
b. Get into registration line. Get registered. Bikes not unloaded yet.
c. Set up tent, etc.
d. Go claim bicycle. Bicycles were laid out alphabetically on a hill.

Attack of the Twister!

The Tornado sirens go off. Maybe we should not have watched Twister after all. I got some time lapse of the clouds rolling in.
A kind police officer asked us to seek shelter. Where? about 15 minutes walk that direction.. at the high school. Um.. Thank you Officer.

(Ok, i think i've done all the time lapses except for two.. those come much later.)


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