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RAGBRAI Planning
This weekend, i'm sleeping in the tent every night .. and using my 2 bags that i'll have on RAGBRAI.. getting the logistics figured out.

This is a timelapse of me TRYING to put the tent together. This is my third time doing it, you'd think i'd be smoother by now.


Random RAGBRAI encounter
At Scheller's Cyclery in Middletown, chatting with a guy there.. turns out, he's ridden RAGBRAI several times (prior to becoming a dad). Turns out, he rode on the 25th anniverary ride (which I was on as well). He remembers andhas the T-Shirt for an event called Saggy Thursday [link]. I rode support that day myself, but he confirmed it: You had to Pedal Downhill.

Things I still need to do (mostly talking to myself here):

a) repack my "on the bike" bag: insect repellant, sunscreen, a small container of chamois butter, box of small ziplocks
b) acquire a small fanny pack big enough for wallet + phone + gopro + camera + TP + wipes
e) Bike changes: fix gear 3-7, mount pump on frame
f.5) determine what additional 1ofakind clothing to take - on bike, in the bag.
h) Fanny pack mount the gopro.
i) ... ? I'm sure there's other stuff.

Just before leaving:
d) stuff in the tent sub-bag: pills, earplugs
c) pack a showering / grooming sub-bag: extra towel(s), [read pork belly manifesto], toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
f) Packing of clothing: seperate ziplocks for each day (shirt, socks, [shamois], and post shower clothing)
g) Packing of electronics: phone charger, gopro charger, camera charger

What to do about the GoPro?

I'm at a bit of a loss about the GoPro. My initial desire was to mount it on my handlebars and do a time lapse of at least one day of riding.
Here's the problems:
- at 2 images per second, sped up to 15 frames per second, its still too frighteningly fast to be useful.
- the battery lasts somewhere between 1 to 4 hours, depending on what SD card I use(!). Does not seem to be dependent on how often pictures are taken(!!)

This makes my original plan non-feasible. So, what do instead is:
- Take it
- Video little unique stops along the way, like the pancake guy (If he's still there). Fanny-pack mount it somehow.
- Turn it off between takes. Use it sparingly.
- Take seperate camera for taking pictures.
- maybe i can take a timelapse of people going up a hard hill or something like that as well.
I shall see what opportunities avail themselves.

Looking forward to the week of July 22-30th.


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