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Layering of Windows Start Buttons
While working from home today, had a nice zen moment.. seeing patterns.
  • I start at the top left of the screen.. that's the W7 Start menu for my local machine.
  • On that machine, I'm running a Windows Virtual PC- which gives me the Windows Xp Start Menu at the bottom left.
  • That Virtual PC happens to be running from a copy of a virtual hard drive of a virtual PC that I have at work. I brought it home, and added the VPN software to it. So, its VPN'ed in to work.
  • Then, from there I'm running Terminal Services (also called Remote Desktop) into my work windows 7 machine.. which gives the second-from-bottom W7 Start menu.
  • But the really cool thing is, the VPC that I'm running at home is a copy of the one that is normally hosted on my work W7 machine - so I could probably turn it on at work too.. (except that I'd get Active Directory all confused with the same machine being in two spots, probably get my account locked and never be able to work again).

The best part was, being able to code and compile all locally.. not waiting for round-trip time to see what I typed. Sometimes, that round trip can really slow a coder down.

*Disclaimer: I am paid to code in the Windows environment. If you want me to use a Mac, buy me one and pay me to use it. :)
** Coworker just got a beautiful Mac the other day.. some benefits of being on the iPhone app dev team, I guess.
*** I'm working on debugging cruise control builds.. and writing a program to scan subversion and auto-generate cruise control build entries
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