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iZip 650 Scooter Range Test
Now that the teenager is getting ready to drive (restricted license in June!).. I asked him if we could sell his iZip scooter (and make more room in the garage).

He said yes.. so I set out to find out: What shape is it in?

Well, the most important part is the battery.. We've had it for about 2 years, and most of the time its been sitting drained, which is not the best for a battery. I decided to do a range test.

Saturday: It wouldn't even turn on (no light!). I set it on the charger in the morning.
Sunday morning, 10 am: I started the test.

I decided to go on the 0.75 mile loop around the subdivision. Its got a bit of a hill to it .. about a 100-foot climb? And we live closer to the bottom of the hill. I expected to go once around the loop and have the scooter die.

Laps 1, 2: To my utter surprise, I made it twice around without showing any change in power levels! And, it started to rain, and I was cold. So I went back into the house to gear up. (Winter jacket, gloves, my bicycle helmet, and phone).

Laps 3+:
  • Not riding at full throttle... trying to keep the throttle high enough, but not so high as to have the "low" battery light flicker.
  • Stopping at the top of the hill, where there is a stop sign. (Starting from zero is the biggest drain on the battery)
  • Coasting downhill when I could.
  • Using EndoMondo on my phone to track progress.

Result: I made 5 additional loops at good power.. then the 6th, 7th were markedly underpowered.. the 8th barely made it.. and it died (would not go uphill) on the 9th.

Grand result:
* - I thought it was a i350, but its a i650.

* - Laps are 1-mile increments, not the 0.75 miles around the subdivision. For loops in the subdivision, look at the altitude climb/descent loop.

So, given that there's an additional 1.5 miles not shown on here.. i'd give the scooter a solid 7 mile range, possibly up to 8.5, with careful driving.

Of course, no kid will ride it like that. They'd probably have the throttle on full always, and get 3-4 miles out of it. In fact, there's a warning on the scooter:


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