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Kentucky Derby Festival Mini (Half) Marathon
I can now put a sticker on my car honestly:

Before I forget.. all the beautiful things I saw today.
  • A guy with a sign on his back: Today is my 60th Birthday
  • Lots of people running with shirts that say "in memory of", and its usually in memory of beautiful teenage kids.
  • A lady telling another lady (who has an in memory of shirt on)... "she's so beautiful"
  • A lady asking a girl, "What's a Kar-Kino-Id"? Answer: "Its a rare type of cancer" Somebody else chimes in: "Its Car-Sin-Oid!" (Carcinoid)
  • Running Elvises (or Elvii?)

  • Guy running in a business suite
  • Guy (without a big) running past everybody with a cowbell on his back.. then further up standing by the side of the road yelling: "Go Runners! Anybody want a Cheezburger?" (White Castle, even).
  • Running down into a tunnel and then coming up in the infamous midfield of Churchill Downs. Heard a lot about the place, first time i've been there. Midfield, that is.
  • Massive restroom facilities available at Churchill Downs (thank you God)
  • Seeing at least one completely-barefoot runner
  • Kids on the side of the startline, holding big banners: "Mom & Dad We Love You! 50 (yrs) + 50 (yrs) = 100% Awesome"
  • Toothless, very energetic guy letting us runners know how beautiful we were .. (as we ran through a more depressed side of town)
  • Little kids eager to give you a glass of powerade
  • Balloons! framed against the rising sun.. as we waited for the start. Too far away for a good picture.
  • Seeing one person I knew! Hattie DeHart.. and then later Liz, her mom (not running, at the finish line, doling out water bottles for Olmsted Parks
  • Chocolate Milk! Bagels! Bananas! Powerade! These are the snackies at the end of the run.
  • Asics Pacerunners. Very friendly, very encouraging.
  • Cute little old people sitting in front of their nursing(?) homes.. smiling at us.. gently giving them a high five as we ran past.

What I did for the race: (Note, my HR is +20 over most folks)
  • Miles 0-4= 150-160 HR (it was hard to stay this slow, about 10.5m/mile)
  • Miles 4-8? 9? 160-170 HR (this was a lot easier to stay at, not sure what the speed was)
  • Up to HR 170-179 after that... around 9:30, i want to say? (my LT is around 172, i think, though sometimes it acts like 178)
  • When somebody said only a mile to go.. i opened up and drifted up to 180+. As dictated by reality, could only stay there for a short time.. started drifting back down to the upper 170's.
  • When I saw the finish line, I sprinted. 199.

I refilled my camelbak twice..
I consumed 3 powergels (next time, 4).. I could have run it faster, I think, spending less time <160 and more time around 170.

My final time: 2:21:08.

Thank you God for the health and ability to do this awesome thing.

Endomondo (ignore the mileage:)


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