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Prepping for the PapaJohn 10-miler
Gathering my gear together for tomorrow's race.

In this picture, from top to bottom, L-R:

  • No-brand-name black workout longsleeve jacket.. I wear this wrapped around my waist, in case its too danged cold. The forecasted temp is about 33. I know that at 40 I don't need the jacket, but 33, I might. Windchill at 28.
  • Nike Livestrong Hat. Thank you Dah Weavers!
  • Nike Livestrong Running Gloves. Thank you Jerry and Carol!
  • Running tanktop - very light.
  • On top of the shirt: Suunto T6d Watch + Heartrate Monitor. I love these things! they totally give me an independent guage of how hard I'm pushing. Its practically scientific!
  • The Running Bib. It has micro-sensor thingies on the back (RFID?) by which they figure out my running times
  • My car keys. Duh. Will hopefully divest down to just one key, to the locker at the Y.
  • Powerbar Energy Gel Packs (+ one Gu). I'm going to have to place another order at Amazon soon. about 100 calories per.. its the 100 calories that lets me burn the other 600 calories, about one every hour. If I don't take one, I hit a wall at about 30-45 minutes into the run. Taking one an hour, no wall - yet. (Only skeletal and muscular pain)
  • iFitness belt, goes around my waist, holds my phone (not pictured). Used to use the phone as a GPS tracker, and probably will again. Heavy.. yes. Used to it. Oh yeah, its also my source of music. Necessary for some of the longer hauls.
  • Running Pants & related. Well, really, more like basketball shorts. I haven't gotten the confidence to wear them short runny pants just yet. I look like a retard running in these. I'd almost rather have skintights of some sort, but my wife has to approve my fashion, 'cause I don't trust me.
  • CamelBak. Holds a decent supply of water, very useful to sip while running, and no fricking bottle to deal with. I use this in longer runs only.
  • My Socks. If it doesn't rain, i'll probably wear them, 'cause feet can get pretty frozen.
  • My Bikila Shoes. Love them.
  • The Bikila Shoes have a Suunto foot pod on them.

Yeah, so not pictured: Fancy bluetooth stereo headset (alas, the foam pads on it have failed), and a Motorola Droid (the original!) phone.

If I were going to "rough" it.. I don't need most of it. I'm just comfortable with it, and I'm not exactly out to shatter any records.

Excited about the race tomorrow. My pre-race-prep:
  • Luvin' prepared me some Pasta. I ate 1.5 bowls of it, and 2 garlicbreads.
  • Wash that down with a whole bowl of fruit (fiber.. get the stuff out of my system faster, hopefully tomorrow am before the race)
  • Decaf Coffee.. to wash down the fruit
  • Tequila.. to knock me out (just kidding)

Here's to a good Race tomorrow! Watch for the Endomondo on facebook at about 8am if you want to track it.