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Anthem 5k Race
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Oh, this was fun.  Not in a giddy OMG kind of way, but in a "this feels healthy and nice" kind of way.  

This was my first BIG race.   I mean, I thought a race was a race, but when there are 10,000 participants, some things change.   (The picture below is what was in front of me, and I was 2/3 of the way back).

For one thing, checking in was much harder.  Had to find my bib number from a printout on a wall, and then go to a table with my range on it.   Mental Note #1. Much better idea to get bib ahead of time for big races.

The bib itself had a "chip" in it - so that my time was electronically recorded.   That's a first for me.. usually I've had to ignore the official time on the clock and go by my stopwatch.

There was a LOT more traffic.  I was still dodging people left and right all the way to the finish line. (I guess that with the longer races, we will get spread out more, which would be good.  There's also a good side: There was almost aways somebody I was passing.)

I am *very* glad I joined the Northeast YMCA group for the races.   They picked us up at the Y, bussed us in, bussed us out, and then I got to luxuriate in the Y's hot showers and sauna, before moving on with the rest of my day.  Priceless... (actually, $30 for 4 races.  Heck Yeah).

Timing wise - I was determined to do the race in better than 30:00.  I mean, it was flat.. and the previous races were Hilly .. I KNEW I could do better than 30:00.  If I did it in 27:00 that would be rocking, that would be better than 9:00 a mile.

I did it in 25:54.  Holy Crap.  That's 8.34 minutes per mile!


Maybe that photographer got a picture of me.  If I find a link to it, I'll post it.   I hope I look better than I did for the previous race where I wore all baggy crap. (link, towards the bottom of this page)

3 more races to go.   (10k, 10mi, 1/2 Marathon).   Looking forward to it.


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