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I love music
I just got done seeing Better Daze.  Its a local band, includes one of my co-workers as a member.

It was some nice strong classic rock and roll.   Reawakened the sleeping music monster in me.  (think Cookie Monster).     Although, it might just be the caffeine... yes caffeine.. I didn't know what to order, so I got a half/half sweet/unsweet tea.. and there's enough caffeine in there to wire me.  My hands are shaking, and my brain is going so fast that nothing is coming out right.

Some day.. i would like to... play good rock music .. with other people.. who also enjoy playing said songs.    Playing at CUMC is nice musically, but its just not the same as songs that I frickin' love.

Sometime after training for minimarathons, 560 mile bicycle rides.
Mixed in with picking up spanish again.
While I brush up on my programming skills.

Yeah, i can dream. :)     One project a year, perhaps?