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Project: Stay Fit - Plan for the Year 2011
This is my plan for this year.   God willing, and if it harm none: 

  1. Stay below 170 lbs.
  2. Running
    Sat Jan 8:   Reindeer Romp 4k
    Sat Jan 15: Frostbite 5k
    Sat Feb 12: Snowman Shuffle 4mi
    Sat Feb 16: Anthem 5k Classic
    Sat Mar 12: Rodes City Run 6mi
    Sat Mar 26: Papa John's 10mi
    Sat Apr 30: Derby Mini Marathon

    Running is 2-3 times a week, one of those substituted for Indoor Soccer. 
  3. Bicycling to ensue in preperation for RAGBRAI
    May 1st:  Break out the biking gear.  
    Ride at least 2x a week to work
    Figure out how to build up to getting a century done over a weekend (with the LBC)
    Week of July 25th approx:   RAGBRAI
  4. (Optional)   Prepare for, and participate in, the Louisville Marathon
    This depends on how I do with the Mini. 
    Aug 1:  Start training
    Oct 17th:  Marathon 
  5. (Optional)  Oldham County Grand Slam for 2011.
    This is a fun group of 4x5k races, that start around June, and last through August. 
  6. Indoor Soccer
    This happens on Sunday nights, and whenever its on, its on.  Probably won't participate on the days after really big races. :)
  7. Diet & other Healthy habits.
    I don't have any particular diet plans - mostly maintaining weight, but if I loose some weight, that's not a problem, I have another 10-15 I can loose without getting too small.

    I am going to stay current on all my pills.
Things I am NOT going to do, so that I can focus on the above.

  • (Very unlikely) Assist with Bourbon Chase at SHPS if absolutely necessary. 
  • (Don't chew up the time)  Yoga
  • (Don't have time for the commitment) Martial Arts - Kenpo/TKD
  • (Probably never)  Swimming
  • (Not unless as needed for Running/Biking)  Strength Training/Bulking Up
Wish me luck, and pray with me... :)  May this plan come true.
(and if it doesn't, that's okay too, but i really really want to do this).