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Exercising Disenchantment

This could be either "I am exercising disenchantment" or "I have disenchantment about exercising".

I got my big race done - yay. 
Soccer session is over.
Now what?

I've gone running a few times.  Tonight - after a mile and a half.. i was done.  Walked the rest. 

Part of me wants to say: to heck with this, good night good bye, i'm taking the rest of the year off.

The other part of me wants to say yes to the next session of soccer.   And run in a January and February race.  But its more like .. a fear talking.  "If I don't, then .. i'll never get to play soccer again.. and i'll gain 50 lbs"

My other experiment, running barefoot, is not going so well.. Its COLD, and the asphalt around here is very chunky.  I think I'm going to have to shelve that till Springtime.

So, what can I do.. to stay healthy, and trim, and be "in shape" enough for next year?  Next year is big, i've going to at least do a 10 miler, if not a mini, and its looking like RAGBRAI is going to be a yes.

Well, what have I not had time for?
- Strength training .. lifting weights.. especially for hips and calves.
- Flexibility?  I'd love to get back to doing relaxing yoga stuff. (except.. where?)

Do I even want to do anything related to my career - like complete a certification, or work on an at-home project with a new technology?  ... no.  I can't find that desire within me.  I think I've graduated to the "give me a problem to solve, THEN i'll choose a technology to solve it" level.. leaving behind my idealistic programming youth.

Maybe I'll just play a bunch of computer games...

Dunno. Quandary.  Will continue to chew on it.


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