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Running update
Okay, here I am, its 5 days till the Bourbon Chase.   Am I ready?

I think so.   I'm slated to run 12 minute miles -but looks like I can pull of 10min/mile while keeping my HR out of the L2 zone.   Ie, i can run at that pace for some distance..

This weekend, I started off with a 5k (after which I doubled back, and ran with some buddies, for a total of 4.5 miles).   Then, that same night, i did around 5.5 miles - most of which was at 10 minutes per mile, but towards the end I slowed down a bunch.   Then, tonight, I did two games of soccer.   Definitely toast after that.

What I end up having trouble with is my ankles.  Right ankle especially.  Starts to get pretty sore.  I'll be taking some ankle support stuff along with me, and some Advil. :)

So, with any luck, i'm good enough for what I need to do this coming weekend.


At first, i thought after the Chase, i'd be done with running in public till next year.. but Jonah is thinking about doing the Polar Bear Grand Prix, and its way more fun to go to a race when you know somebody is going to be there, so I am going to do that.

However, definitely after the Chase, i'll be switching over to doing barefoot training - for at least two weeks.   Really looking forward to that.