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Running in the Bourbon Chase; Fundraising.
Hey Everybody. 

I really don't want to write this email  (blog post).   But.. I joined a team at work, and the company decided it would be good P.R. if our team were fundraising for a cause.  I think that's what it is - I feel dishonest relaying this message, because I feel that the primary motivation is P.R., not an actual desire to assist LLS. 

Having been torn about it back and forth about it, I am deciding to go ahead and write it, so that you would know, so that you can make an informed decision.   I've deposited $60 of my own funds, and folks at work have chipped in $20, so I'm probably doing "well enough" (the goal was $100 per runner).

So, in summary - if you would like to donate as follows:

Donation -> Sunny -> SHPS Healthaholics -> SHPS -> The Bourbon Chase -> L.L.S

I'd be happy to take your cash or check and make sure it gets to the right place.

Here's the re-edited version of the email I was going to send:


I have volunteered to run in the Bourbon Chase ( 

For me, this means three legs of running: 
This is all going down October 22nd and 23rd - there are 12 of us on the team, running a total of 36 legs.   The whole course is around 200 miles long. 


I'm doing this as part of the team "Healthaholics" from SHPS, the company I work for.   As a team, we decided that we would also attempt to fundraise, to make our miles mean more.   We are going to fund raise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - (

The goal that was set was for each runner to raise $100.  I have currently raised $80.

The Race and I

When I first signed up for it, I thought i'd have to do 5-8 mile stretches - but being the newbie runner on the team, they gave me the easiest legs, so this is well within my reach.  I did a couple of 10-mile stretches (in 2:30:00) just to be sure I could do some distance.     The interesting bit is to see how _fast_ i'll be able to do my legs.  I have been dong Lactose-Threshold workouts (aka, interval training) so I can run harder for longer.  I got my time down for 3 miles to about 9:15 a mile; that should put the desired 11:00 per mile within my reach for the longer haul.  

I will be running the race in a pair of Vibram's - "Frog Feet" - 

I'm going to try to track my segments live - I know that there will be a twitter feed (runSHPSrun), and I should be posting to Facebook via EndoMondo while I'm running - assuming that I can get data service while I'm out there (possibility is slim.)
The Team

SHPS is paying for our entry fee ($1200) and T-Shirts; we're covering the cost of two vans and gas, works out to be about $50 per person. 

We have had a LOT of dropouts- lots of folks with injuries.  I think we've gone through 6 alternates, and are still looking for more (as of the writing of this email/blog post).   We're still looking for a driver for the second van.

In Summary

If you feel so moved, would love to receive your donation.

Thanks for reading this,


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