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Way too fast
Life is going way fast right now.

Last evening, we were at a soccer game.
Last night, I burned a DVD of the game from last night, for the coach to discuss with his players.   I was unhappy with the quality, but it is a good cause.
This evening, I just finished up packing for the weekend, as well as fixing an Amazon.com purchase for an eSata drive for the TIVO.  (Prepaid Debit cards don't work on Amazon, FYI)
Tonight, I'm helping with Friday Night Live (bunch of kids at church after HS football game)
Tomorrow, Saturday is some kind of parade thing followed by a Soccer game.
Then I'm taking Q and two of his friends up to Columbus for the Crew vs Sounders game.
Staying overnight at a hotel, then Sunday: bringing back Q + 2 friends + 3 more kids(!) (the other parent has to leave really early in the morning).
And then Soccer on Sunday night for me.
Deep breath.

Okay, lets go do it.

Oh yeah, somewhere in there I want to trim my beard.