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Workout Plan forthe week
This weekend was wierd: Family thing at Huber's, so no Soccer. It threatened to throw my schedule of workouts off, so here's what I did and am doing:

Note, i am still in my "base building" stage.. will be here till the latter part of September.

Sunday = 6 mile run (turned into 1 hour, 4.5 mile run, I didn't take enough carbs and it was getting late)
Monday = Rest / family / stuff to work on (cheerleading audio, yay)
Tuesday = (around 5pm) 2 hours available for Jogging at 150 HR.
   I'm taking 4 mixes of music: 80-85, 85-90, 90-95, and 95-100 BPM music
Wednesday = (late,optional, around 9:30pm) Jog to Gym, Resistance training (legs), Jog Home
  Note: take clothes to office on this day for the next
Thursday = Ride Bicycle to work, then Ride back home (actually to CUMC for soundboard editing)
Friday = (around 5pm) 1 hour availabe for Resistance Training (before a meeting)
Saturday= Rest


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