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Diabetes, Weight Gain
So, i did a me-bad: I ran out of Metformin on Thursday. I placed a refill order, but ... didn't remember to get it on Thursday. Or Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday.
In that period of time, i went up from 169 to 173 lbs.

I started again this morning. It was gastronomically unpleasant, but, lets say that my weight seems to be dropping again.

I think I finally have a picture now that works for me. Everywhere online that I read about Type II Diabetes, they say "your insulin stops working as well". That's like.. 10% of the story, man!

Its more like this.. at least, this is my perspective, how I understand it. This may NOT be reality; that's okay, this is my CURRENT perspective of MY reality.

* Something is NOT RIGHT in my body, probably in my pancreas
* Causes my liver to think that it needs to create glucose
* Causes me to stay in a constant state of sugar-high. Honest, I had no clue what people meant by sugar high, because I didn't know it, but I was ALWAYS in one.
* Causes my body to have a consistently higher level of insulin (which I can see, over time, would cause me to get resistant to it.. it just gives up)
* Causes a major part of my food intake to instantly be converted to fat, before I have a chance to use it for energy

It fits. By all the nutrition calculators, I should be able to take 2000-2200 calories of food and maintain weight. Yet, through 4+ months of meticulous tracking of nutrition and weight, I found that 1800 = steady; any more than that = gain weight.

Then, i did two things: I started metformin, which shuts down the "lets create Glucose" party in my liver, and I kept my food intake at around 1600 calories...

I should have lost weight at a rate of 200/day = 1400/wk = 0.3 lbs a Week. Instead, I lost about 20 lbs over 16 weeks, a little more than a lb a week.
Lets try a different number: 2200-1600 = 600/day ~= a little over a lb a week.

So, to reiterate:
When I am on metformin, my body does a more regular cycle, burning about 2200 lbs of energy, and actually considering all that I eat as possible energy.
When I am off metformin, my body burns about 1800 calories, and stores up as much sugar and carb it can get its hands on, even if I'm hungry and need it.



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