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Proud of myself; running & soccer
My life really seems to revolve around fitness these days. That's probably a good thing.

This week was a great week!

Monday was a recovery day (from Soccer on the Sunday before)

I got out and ran on Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday nights.. about 2.3 miles each night. Took the dogs twice, they loved it. I did this with heart rate in mind.. 150 hravg. Successful. Didn't see any improvement, my times were within a second of each other. I suspect i need to run for longer than that, to get any improvement.

Friday, i helped a friend with his jogging, and was reminded of how hard it was when I started. I also did some weights for my legs.. especially the hip muscles. That has been really helpful, i think.

Saturday - recovery day

Sunday (today) - Soccer Soccer Soccer! I played with the Blue team (scrimmage, training) for 0:30, then the orange team for a full game, then the red team for a full game. Woo boy my legs are sore.


The week coming up is tentatively as follows:

Monday - recovery day
Tuesday - 1 run late at night if possible (depends on when we get back from the out of town game)
Wednesday - Bicycle to work, possible early evening or late night run
Thursday - Bicycle to work and back (my "free" evening after dealing with CUMC)
Friday - Family time; quick lift weights at the Gym, maybe some explosiveness stuff (jumping?)
Saturday - recovery day
Sunday - SOCCER! (possible ride bike to soccer & back)

I'm switching to a little more bicycling to get my knee muscles more tuned up - been noticing some twinging and looseness, and I find that a good dose of bicycling really helps. Also, i can meet my HR zone training goals doing bicycling while also commuting to work.

Pray that I can keep it up.
Everything is in pencil, of course.


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