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Running faster
I was thinking about yesterdays run.. what I found was that after a bunch of distance, my feet were tired enough that while I could not widen my stride without it hurting, I could still go faster by doing quicker strides. If I changed my breathing to three steps a breath or four, I ended up going significantly faster without hurting anything in my knees or calves or hips.

Combine that with video of Michael Sandler running ( leads me to believe that I mit be closer to good form than I thought. Of course, the proof would be to kick off the shoes and run barefoot for a bit, but I dont want to do that while I'm in the middle of this experiment of longer distance running.

However, I am going to try to pick up the cadence on Tuesday and Wednesday's runs.

Very excited!

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I'm overweight with a bad back (and possibly feet). I want to start jogging. I feel like I need to or something. But I don't know how to start :( I admire your hard work at it! :)

From what I know - where you start is jogging SLOWER than you can walk. :)

5 minutes at a time.
then 10 minutes.
when you can jog slowly for 15 minutes, then jog faster for 5 minutes.


And from what I know now, I would highly suggest doing it barefoot.. start walking barefoot, then jogging barefoot. There's several good books on it. - The danger is that if there are parts of your feet that are not yet strong, if you have fancy shoes that pad everything, you might have a higher chance of injury, than if you start by strengthening your feet.

Thank you! I've been reading/watching about the barefoot thing... Too much icky stuff in our city that I'd be afraid to step on lol Maybe indoors? lol

I'll take your advice though. Thanks!

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