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My First Ever Official 5K
I just participated in the CBC Roman Road 5K, the first leg of the Oldham County Grand Slam. This was my first public appearance at a 5K.. (i'd done them practising before, but never with all those people around). It was very different..

my plan had been to take it easy, HR=150 for the first 10 minutes, then up to 160, 170, and end around 180.
No such luck. With all the adrenalin rushing, and all the crowd around me, started off immediately at about 7 mph... heart rate around 170! yikes!

well, I went with it. Slowed down in the middle, got to about the half way point, and then started pushing myself a bit.
I got to about the last 0.2 miles, and I started going fast.
Last 0.1 mile, i ran as fast as I could.

Crossed the finish line at about 28:50.. although didn't note the time, so by the time i wrote it down, it was 30:04.

Average HR 179, Max 208. (note, my HR is about +20 compared to most people, so that's more like a 159/188 for other folks)

I did walk up two hills.. just fo the record.

So, now I know that I can survive at a HR >= 170 for half an hour, this is going to make future jogs more interesting :)

I wonder how much better I can do at the next race..

Link to the race map, Courtesy of Cardio Trainer

My wife's Blog with pictures


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