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Music Fun
I have geeked out with music tonight.

I downloaded some software for scanning in sheet music, and playing it. It did not do so well.

I downloaded beaTunes, to analyze my iTunes songs, and stick in BPM and Key information. Its also doing a great job of analyzing a bunch of 03_xxxxxx type songs, and assigning proper artist and track titles to them. NICE!

I tried cross mixing two songs in Dm, one by Yes and one by Rush, into one song. ... eh, not so good.

I sped up a Rush song (Trees) from 109bpm up to around 130bpm -- the rate at which I run -- and it was okay. I think i could make a good playlist of songs around 130bpm, including some of my favorites, just altered. Adobe Audition, Release My Creative Vision!

ok. puttering out now. Time for nap.
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