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A Tale of Two Feet, etc
A Tale of Two Feet

This weekend, on Saturday, I was a field marshal at the Derby Cup Tournament. One of my duties as a field marshal is - to keep track of the tournament soccer balls between matches.

Well, being enthusiastic about my service, i was keeping track of them during the match too. I basically volunteered to be ball-boy.

One of the balls went down a steep grade at the edge of South Oldham High's field. I followed it down there. In my heavy non-running-friendly hiking shoes. At a dead run.

On Sunday- both feet - pain. The kind of pain which says, not necessarily broken, but definitely sprained- the kind where the only relief is to stop using them in certain ways. I had to call in a sub to take my spot on the team for the Sunday night soccer game.

So, this week, no running, or biking, for me. I'm hoping to be functional again by Sunday, in time for Soccer. The last time I went through this (also caused by running in the same shoes), it took about a week to heal.

Very looking forward to the Cedar Lake 5k coming up in early May. I'm hoping my time will be under 36 minutes.

Proud Soccer Parent

Quinn was keeper for this tournament.   They won the tournament with 3 shutouts.  There was this one moment where it looked like it was going to go in, and Quinn exploded from one side of the goal, sliding, horizontal, to the other, and deflected it, just in time.  He was amazing.

He's also looking very good in his new goalie shirt and pants.