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How to Lose Weight (for Sunny)
 My weight has crept back up to 177 (i was down to 172).   I'm still very healthy (compared to where I was before) - in fact, i think my belt is tighter now than it was, so i'm guessing a lot of it is muscle mass.   Yet, with Spring in the air, i'm feeling the need to get serious about weight loss again. 

So.. Sunny Weight Loss 2010 - How am I going to do it? 

Log My Food

(which was once TheDailyPlate) has revamped their UI, and also introduced an Android App.  I am so using that. 

1600 Calories

Set my calorie intake goal to be around 1600 calories.  I'm good all the way up to 1800, i know that at 2000 i definitely gain weight.  At 1600, if I don't eat junk food during the day, i'm full.

Low Sugar Intake

Having learned about how the liver processes sugar..  (hint: ends up as Fat and Cholesterol) - reduce sugar.  I can usually get it down to 30g a day.  Note that I do not include Lactose in this list, i'm mostly targeting processed fructose and sucrose.  (Fructose in fruit form comes with fiber, and is thus apparently exempt, which is good because I LOVES fruit).

That's all well and good - but what exactly do I change? 

Eating Greens for Breakfast

Taking the hint from Born To Run, a book that I haven't yet read, fill up with salad-like-stuff for breakfast.  

This serves two purposes:  1) it gives my body something to do rather than feel hungry.  2) micro-nutrients, stuff to build muscle from scratch, just like a cow does. 3) takes a while to get it chewed down.

Last two days, i took along snap peas (delicious), although the spring greens had some, umm, decomposition going on.. chew on them on my daily commute.   With my braces, its hard to do carrots, but there's plent of other soft veggies that I could sample, i think.   Green Bell Peppers are coming to mind.. crunchy yumminess. 

Eating Fruit for Dinner

This is a little trickier to do - because dinner is one of my favorite evening activities with my wife.  Restating it - my default plan is to eat fruit for dinner.   Strawberries, Blackberries, a banana, Oranges, Kiwi, etc etc.     

Eating Lunch minus French Fries and Pop

I've tried packing a lunch, and.. dude, that's more trouble than its worth.   So, having accepted that I eat lunch at the work Cafeteria, my resolution there is - get two sandwiches, but don't get the french fries.  They have delicious french fries in very large portions. 

Turns out that one sandwich usually fills me up anyway. 

Pop-wise - as I'm off caffeine - i had limited un-tasty choices anyway, so that's pretty easy.  I hate the taste of pretty much all diet drinks (including diet Pepsi).   Water works well.  

Working out 3x a week

I already work out 2x a week -  
  • Maffetone Wednesdays is an hour jog on Wednesday using the Maffetone Method (which has worked pretty well for me) (avg:450 calories). 
  • Soccer Sundays are a 1-hour warmup followed by 1 hour of soccer on Sundays (avg: 1200 calories) 
I'm planning to add Bike-To-Work Thursdays back in - about a 25 mile ride round trip.  This time, i'm going to try to Maffetone it - keeping my HR around 130, not pedaling too hard.  In the Gym, that yields a speed around 10mph, but i'm guessing my bicycle is a bit bulkier.   My previous average speeds were around 9mph after all the hills were included.  I would like to get the ride down to less than an hour. 

The bicycle is at Dick's getting tuned up as we speak. *bouncyexcitedhappy*

I would like to bring this up to 4x a week -- add in a P90X Tuesday doing their Plyometrics routine (which is tons of fun).. but, i don't think my schedule will allow it.    When the soccer season is over (end of May), i'll probably substitute Soccer Sunday for some time at the gym doing speed intervals (keep my high end HR range free of cobwebs) (Speedy Sunday?).  Now THAT is a workout .. 1200-1500 calories or so. 

What's the Goal? 

Definitely to get back below 172.  
getting down to the 160's would be great... i used to have a stable weight at about 164.   Go check it up, see how its doing. 
The reality would be: to keep it up through the summer. 
Size 34 pants for Christmas?  (currently at 36) 

I'll be ramping up SWL2010 here in a few weeks, after I get my video editing project out of the way.    This post was to get my head straight on what i'm focusing on. 

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If a sandwich alone doesn't work- add a salad, fruit, or veggies, ya know? They are tasty & healthy. heh Also, have you tried the Crystal Light things for your water? I really like those when I'm tired of water. I drink close to 8 glasses of water a day though. heh Or decaf iced tea? Just some thoughts :) GOOD LUCK!

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