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Pre-video-shoot jitters
Tomorrow, I drive back to Louisville.
Sunday, we do a video shoot at the church.
I'm nervous, because there are several things I have not done before:

- I will be prototyping using either green- or some other form of chroma keying to get the interviewee's to show up on a black background.
- I will be working with an out-of-order shoot, and then editing it all back together again. This is very different from shooting sports.
- I will have to transition back and forth between Tripod & Monopod
- I will have a producer directing things
- I will be recording audio seperate on a lapel mic, and i'll need to sync that (book snap close type of stuff)

Nervous, and Excited.

Btw, Adobe Premier Elements.. so far, it has me sold. Way more stable than Pinnacle Studio (so far), and way more customizable on dealing with key frames in effects and stuff. Much better layering model, UI layout, unlimited tracks, etc. The only thing bugging me right now is the 1- or 2- second delay between when I hit the spacebar, and when the video actually starts playing.


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