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Kanban update

When we transitioned from Agile back to Waterfall, in an effort to save team morale, I attempted to do a Kanban board - one which tracked our SDLC.

This proved to be.. frustrating. In our work environment, its pretty much along the lines of, once you get a ticket, you own the ticket, till its done. There's not as much subdivision of tasks, get-the-next-task-available stuff -- (and hence, we don't cross-train and learn as much now as we used to). But, i digress.

I started to run into the problem that we didn't have a feel of how much stuff was "in the air" but not yet landed on our plates. So, i redid the board:

  • Backlog - stuff that is floating out there
  • Queue - stuff that we do need to do, but not actively working on
  • Working | Pending - stuff we are working on.
    • one row per dev
    • pending stuff shoved over to the right
    • Magnet on what is currently being worked

  • Done? - if we think its done. It might get raised back up if somebody outside our group has an issue with it. Tickets stay here for a bit before getting archived.

Granted, its only a visualization of stuff that's in various other systems for tracking, but nevertheless, "walking the board" at our status meetings has been good for all involved.

This has worked. If you see the 3rd row - that's mine - i'm a bit whelmed. Then again, i'm the most senior, so I guess that's okay. "Senior" = "how much crap can you handle at a time". :)