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Maffetone Method on a Treadmill
I have switched how I do my Maffetone training, now that we have re-upped our membership to Snap Fitness. I now have a treadmill to run on, and its been wonderful!

My workout involves:
- slowly increasing speed for the first 20 minutes, to get up to a heart rate of 130-135
- keep on running for 40 minutes, maintaining that range of heart rate.

So far, i've been able to do this twice a week, and then I have an hour of soccer on Sundays.

I have noticed improvement - When i started, my range was 3.8mph down to 3.2 mph. Most recently, this last monday, it was 4.2mph down to 3.8mph.

Its also very nice that the result is I run somewhere around 3.5 miles total, during the hour. Never thought I could do that, but here I am, doing it!

Life is good. I do have some questions for Mr Maffetone, though, i'll see if I can shoot him an email.


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