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Going Off Caffeine 2010
Hey, Another Year, Another Round, of getting off the caffeine drug. Tomorrow after breakfast, i'm done with it, till at least March 31st of next year, and perhaps more than that.

My last attempt at being off caffeine lasted from December to August, so about 8 months.

why the heck do I bother?????
Simply put: its not working right anymore.

The idea situation is: wake up, be awake, get tired, go to sleep.

My situation: Barely wake up, be slow, drink caffeine, be awake stretched, get tired at 4pm, crash but still function for a few hours, start waking up again around 9pm, stay awake unable to sleep.

Additional reasons - what caffeine does to me:
- Caffeine and sugar cravings go hand in hand for me.
- My ____ biological system is constantly on, leading to an uncomfortable feeling during most of the day.
- Increases my premature ventrical contraction heart problem

The Transition Plan

To relieve the pain of blood rushing through my skull: Advil and Tylenol. (purchase today)
Complete purging of caffeinated coffee-type things - bye bye Starbux Via's (bring to work)
Cold Turkey. Half turkeys don't work for me. I always want to gobble more.

The Living Plan

Mornings: Glass of milk. Stay away from decaf coffee for a while.
Lunch: Big Glass of water.
Dinner: Big Glass of water.
Fast Food value meal: Get Water. Yes, its a waste of $. I don't care. Get Water.
Mother-in-Law's house: Bring my pack of decaf VIA's from Starbux.
At Starbux: Decaf Latte's are my friend. No Mocha, i really don't like the taste of it.
Driving long distance: Pull over to sleep, Gatorade, Water.


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