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Shankapotomus - Season Result
My Indoor Soccer team.
Supposedly named "Shankapotomus", but everybody knows them as "the Red team".

Our record this season: 4-2-2. NICE.

Last game (last night) - 4:3 against the Grey team (House, formerly CBC), although really they had more green and blue team members than Grey. Last minute goal.. a beauty, scored by Avi. Came in from the side, across the keeper, into the upper netting. Set up by.. i think it was Denise.

The people on my team:

Bob: tall, looks like George Clooney, he and I are of similar skill level, and often sub for each other at 4 minute intervals
Tim: Super Fast Dude
John H: Team captain, 2nd Half Keeper
The other John: Runs every day for an hour, Team Doctor, 1st Half Keeper
Josh: Great ball skills. Molly knew him back when he played soccer in highschool.
April: (currently has a bad ankle) - small and deadly.
Denise: Super Fast Lady. Runs forever.
Mary Beth: Consistent, Consistent, Consistent.
Laura: Tactics, Tactics, Tactics
Avi - 68, runs for fun, started playing soccer (again) when he turned 42. Inspires everybody.

They are good people.
Its a good league.
Looking forward to next season (middle of January)


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