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Christmas Lights, Wifi, and Lego Droid Docking Stations
Sunday night I snapped some pics with an intention of making a post.. and then spouse and I watched the season finale of Storm Chasers. So picking that back up today.

The Christmas lights went up over the weekend. Part 1, hoping for a part 2 out in the yard later this week...

I attempted to build a docking station for my Motorola Droid cellphone out of Lego's. I was able to get the structure to work right, and a spot to put the magnets figured out -- however, given the pain it would take to make it look right, i think i'll just spend $30 and buy another dock. If I really need it.

This is where the Wifi router used to be. Had a lot of problems with it - every time we do a massive data transfer.. be it watching Hulu or copying files - the wireless would reset, like it had some sort of hardware fault. Not signal strength - it would be at a full 54MBPS when it reset.

Moved it upstairs - and it works flawlessly.

Suspect: The big metal tub. I think it was reflecting the signal rather horribly, confusing the hardware.

The puppies have seemed to have taken to sitting on their blankets on the floor, rather than on the couch. 5 minutes after taking this picture, I found them on the couch again. Note the Storm Chasers on the TV.

We cleared out some of our cupboards over the weekend. There was a whole bunch of bulk foods that had expired.. as well as several failed experiments, some of which you can see in the pictures here.

All in all, a great weekend, in addition to the Thanksgiving goodness that it already was.

I get my new laptop on Wednesday.. but i can't play with it (no time) till Saturday.

Very excited.
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